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International premiere of “The Riddle of Jaan Niemand” in Wiesbaden

Kaur Kokk’s debut film “The Riddle of Jaan Niemand” (“Põrgu Jaan”) had its international premiere on April 14th in Wiesbaden, Germany.

The film competes at the goEast festival in the main competition programme for the main prize called “Golden Lily”. GoEast Festival is one of the most important festivals focused on Central and Eastern European cinema.

“The screening went well and the film received a lot of positive feedback. Different festivals showed interest in the international premiere,” commented the producer Katrin Kissa, “we chose the goEast festival, as it is well known festival with a high-quality programme. They also value European arthouse-film tradition. Last year Rainer Sarnet’s “November” won the main prize there.”