Katrin Kissa


Producer Katrin Kissa’s cooperation with Veiko Õunpuu started in 2006 with EMPTY and continued with the highly lauded AUTUMN BALL and THE TEMPTATION OF ST.TONY, produced by their joint company Homeless Bob Production. These were followed by THE IDIOT, based on the Dostoyevsky classic, and Veiko Õunpuu’s FREE RANGE / BALLAD ON APPROVING OF THE WORLD, which was internationally released in 2014 at the Berlinale Forum. Homeless Bob Production produces only author-driven films and subtly, but persistently, furrows its way into the soil of film history.


Veiko Õunpuu


Veiko Õunpuu has been a worker, a carpet salesman, a university dropout on three different occasions, a backpacker and a painter. In 2006, he founded production company Homeless Bob Production. His debut feature AUTUMN BALL premiered at Venice IFF in 2007 and won the Orizzonti Award. He received the European Talent Award for THE TEMPTATION OF ST. TONY, which later premiered internationally in Sundance in 2011 and was nominated for the best production design at the European Film Awards. Õunpuu was chosen as one of the 100 most intriguing contemporary film directors in the book 10*10 in Film by Phaidon Publishing.


Rainer Sarnet


In his 42 years of existence, Rainer Sarnet has directed 5 films, lived with 3 women, accumulated about 10 friends, passionately loved Fassbinder, directed theatre plays by Przybyszewskit, Gorky, and Jelinek, been deemed a wonder child at film school and had got the opportunity to defend this ambitious title only 15 years later with his film “The Idiot”. The mystery is still out there.


Mart Taniel


The only perfect human being is the one composed within a film frame – and that is who leads us to the real knowledge of truth.


Lili Pilt

Production & Festivals

Lili Pilt has headed international relations, organized a film festival, coordinated film festival distribution, translated film scripts, supervised a film co-production market, managed a sound stage, run a film education project and distributed a film to 111 cinemas on the same day, at the same time. Now she does most of that for Homeless Bob Production.