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“The Riddle of Jaan Niemand” premiered in Tallinn

Tonight was the premier for Kaur Kokk’s debut film “Põrgu Jaan”/”The Riddle of Jaan Niemand”. The film will be in cinemas around Estonia starting from tomorrow, October 5th.

“Põrgu Jaan” is one of the winners of the Estonia 100 film competition.

The film is a pseudo-historical riddle, a cinematographic journey. It isn’t a grandiose costume drama, but a kammerspiel mystery; a mystical trip to the peripheries of history and the subconscious. It’s the story of Jaan who first lost, then found himself. Again and again.

“The Riddle of Jaan Niemand” by Kaur Kokk – English trailer from Homeless Bob on Vimeo.